Sunday, February 13, 2011


First of all it was very nice to see and hear your outputs, its nice to see all my blabbering wasnt a waste but sorry i dunno if the "dead wings" will win it this year but they are a very good team dont get me wrong but in my opinion they are to old. My next posts will be about each individual NHL team about how they will do this year and what they need to do to go from competitor to a cup contending team. In alpabetical order Anaheim is up first. This is a very good team Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan and Hiller could carry this team deep into the second or first round But they need more depth and sorry Jason Blake is not the depth that they need if they have a busy trade deadline they could even better their chances, Brian Burke made a footprint for this team in the NHL and their GM has actually followed this foot print quite well they got a good all around team and a good coach if they do not compete for the cup this year next year you would think they will bring in atleast a few more faces that will not only score the odd goal but help the team by doing whatever it takes to win. Coming from the Beautiful city of Regina Sask just like Ryan Getzlaf, haha not so beautiful but Sask is probabley the best place in the world to learn the complete game of hockey not just scoring or Defence the whole game so if not this year or next year but Getzlaf will bring another cup to Anaheim and eventually back to the queen city, Getzlaf is to good of a leader and competive that Anaheim will eventually put a good enough team around him to win a cup. That is all for this blog next one will be about the Atlanta Thrashers

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